YES - You Can Help the Livonia Republican Party!!

Please complete the form below indicating any and all areas you are interested in.
Share your special talents to assist our committee and candidates.

I can put a Republican Candidate's sign in my yard
I can put a bumper sticker on my car
I can help with Voter Registration Drives
I can help distribute Republican Candidate election materials
I can email 5-10 friends about our campaigns
I can call 5-10 Registered Republicans prior to election day
I can be a poll watcher on election day
I can give rides to people who need them on election day
I can help with Committee Fundraisers (i.e. Chili Dinner: cooking, serving, etc. - Spring Fundraiser: obtaining donations from local businesses - Hemlock Fair and Livonia Autumn in the Village: pass out election materials
I'd like to know more about serving on the Livonia Republican Committee
I'd like information on becoming an Election Inspector
Please contact me to purchase a ticket to the Livingston County Fundraiser dinner (held in August ... approximately $40)
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